The Bazaar

Ravens – Whitby Jet
18ct Rose Gold Frames
18ct Rose Gold Handmade Chain
188 Black Diamonds 1.63ct

Top row
Ravens – 43 x 23 x 7mm
Chain 440mm (3.2mm)
Second row
Raven 55 x 27 x 9mm
Chain 510mm (3.2mm)
Third row
Ravens 28 x 33 x 8mm
Chain 600mm (3.2mm)
Bottom row
Ravens 40 x 50 x 9mm
Chain 680mm (3.2mm)

This statement art piece comprises seven ravens, hand-carved from Whitby Jet, suspended across four rose gold handmade chains. Resonant of a bazaar of ravens soaring through the sky, their wings are caressed with exquisite black diamonds and their symmetry of forms create a harmonious balance across the wearer’s decolletage.

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The Bazaar

Notes and provenance

It was observing a collective of ravens performing their spectacular aerobatics that inspired the artist to imagine this compelling piece. Her initial sketches captured them gliding and diving with their iridescent wings outstretched. These drawings were then passed to a master carver to realise the design in Whitby Jet, an organic gemstone with a provenance as ancient as that of the raven. 


Foraged from the beaches and cliffs of the north Yorkshire coast, jet naturally possesses a rich blackness. These precious qualities have been transformed through an intricate and dedicated hand-carving technique, meticulously refined in order to truly do justice to each raven’s unique brilliance and personality.

Six ravens echo each other’s graceful curves, while a central raven enters above the wearer’s heart. The bespoke, handmade, satin-finish chains are secured by a four-hole clasp that allows them to be worn together, individually, or in a number of elegant combinations. This is a result of the artist having designed this necklace on the body to ensure a perfect unity of form.

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