Natasha Wightman

Natasha Wightman is an artist working in ancient English materials such as Whitby Jet and moorland boxwood, along with precious metals and gemstones. Drawing inspiration from the wilderness, the animal world, folklore and ancient lands, she creates artworks that resonate with energy and symbolism, going far beyond surface decoration.

Wightman is committed to keeping traditional crafts alive. She works with some of the UK’s most revered master craftsmen, often designing on the body, creating and recreating until each piece reveals itself.

The results are intricate artworks that appear to emanate from another time and another world. They are museum quality works, potent in display but truly brought to life when worn. Each NVW artwork is interwoven with layers of stories; the narrative of her materials, the symbolism of the design, the wild creatures they depict and the deep history of the master crafts and ancient techniques employed. The final layer being the stories of the strong, independent individuals who wear her pieces.

Wightman lives in Sussex with her family.

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