The Eclipse

Raven – Moorland Boxwood
Edwardian Rose Cut Diamond 1.77ct
8 Rose cut diamonds 1.01ct
155 Black Diamonds 0.83ct
Platinum Handmade Chain

Raven – 85 x 33 x 9mm
Chain – 576mm (1.4mm)

Drawing inspiration from the raven, The Eclipse is hand-carved in moorland boxwood, its spread wings laced with black diamonds. The raven takes flight beneath an Edwardian rose cut diamond, set so that it almost floats. Both are suspended on a platinum chain that has been handmade at the bench.

The Eclipse

Notes and provenance

Born in flight, The Eclipse was conceived over weeks of sketching a wild Sussex raven in his natural habitat. Once the wild essence of the raven was captured on paper, it was then passed to a master carver to bring to life in moorland boxwood. The raven was then blackened and inlaid with black diamonds, infusing the wings with the glittering inky depth of a night flight.

Above the raven’s soaring wingspan, the rose cut diamond brings the light, floating in an almost invisible spectacle setting. This Edwardian diamond imbues the piece with the energy of past eras. Both the raven and the setting of the diamond are dual sided, offering the wearer as much enjoyment as the viewer. In this aspect, the piece recalls Janus, the two-faced Roman god of beginnings; associated with doors, gates, transitions, time and looking to both the future and the past.

Suspended on a handmade platinum chain, the piece has been designed on the body to ensure raven and diamond rest at the most exquisite position. This museum quality art piece is potent in display, but is truly brought to life when worn. The chains cross the heart, surrounding the wearer in the powerful qualities of the raven, while the diamond is the ideal expression of individuality, creativity and strength.

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